Charriau and milk cooling tanks

2007-06-12 08:17
Sales manager

CHARRIAU is the French leading company in the second hand milk cooling tanks business.

We are a family-run (3rd generation in dairy business), low-cost company. We buy and sell **ONLY** second hand milk coolers. Our customers are firms (dairy plants, refrigeration repair service, ...) able to refurbish milk cooling tanks. We can supply them with homogenous lots for a given brand and capacity.

Unlike tanks from most other countries, milk cooling tanks used in France have a 5 litres per 1000 error tolerance in capacity (3 for 100 in other countries).

Our business :
- regroup milk tanks on our site, where we have an average of 900 tanks mostly from 400 to 5000 litre,
- upon receipt of material, clean, desinfect and check aspect of each tank,
- upon receipt of customer's milk coolers request for quotation, we answer with our proposal for the best optimised load,
- upon receipt of customer's order, we prepare and load on trucks or in containers on several layers following the customer's requirements. In order to have easy refurbishments, we warranty that there is no gas leak in the evaporator part of the tank,
- we supply origin and desinfection certificates and/or any other required documents,
- for our regular cutomers, we also supply brand new and second hand spare parts.

In order to give an idea of what quantity we think of, we can fit up to :
- 10 direct expansion round tanks of a 650 litres capacity in a 20 feet container,
- 8 direct expansion U shaped tanks of a 1060 litres capacity in a 20 feet container.

You can download a request for quotation PDF. Please use it for any of your requirements.

PDF documentation in english.

PDF general sales conditions in english.

Charriau is a member of ADEPTA (France's international promotion institute of agri-processing sectors).


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