Check list for second hand milk tank cooler buying

2007-06-12 08:16
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Check list for second hand milk tank cooler buying

Price (total procurement cost) is for sure an important factor, but in order to reduce risks, you should also take in consideration the following factors (non limitative list).

Who do you buy from ?

- does he have a real adress (not only a virtual internet one) ?

- how long has the dealer been in that business ?

- what does the milk tank cooler business represents in his total activity ?

- what is his financial stability ? in other words will he still be around in two years time ?

How about the dealer's stock level ?

- does he own stock or does he try to sell something he will then buy ?

- for web sites, when was updated the stock list for the last time ?

- can he sell at once all the models you are looking for ?

- can you come and choose what you want at his place at once ?

How about the milk cooling tanks themselves ?

- can you get relevant advice on which kind of milk cooling tanks to buy for which application (farm tank, milk collection point, water or any other liquid storage/transport, calf feeding, home beer brewing, wine elaboration, on site soft drink bottles cooling for festivals, fluids heating, ...) ?

- can you get accurate information on the milk cooling tank's condition state ?

- is the milk cooling tank designed/equiped to cool 50% of its capacity at once or 25% or 17% ?

- how about cooling performances (depend of number of milking, ambient temperature and cooling time) ?

- do you get the right measurement table (serial number included) for each milk cooling tank ?

- how about agitation performances, thermal insulation performances and when available wash performances ?

- are the tanks clean ?

- to which technical norms do they comply to ?

- what is the milk quantity measurement error margin : 5 litres per 1000 or 3 litres per 100 ?

- what will be the resale value of the milk cooling tank you are willing to buy ?

- can he explain you when is it better to use ice bank than direct expansion systems ?

How about the the dealer's service level ?

- has he seen the milk cooling tanks, he is selling you ?

- can you get the milk cooling tanks checked or refurbished or just as is ?

- can the dealer supply you with spare parts ? service manuals, measurement tables copy ?

- how does he comply with sanitary and customs obligations ?

- how long does it take between the order and the shipment leaving the place ?

- in case of overseas export can he add other material with the shipment ?

- in case of full (truck or container) load shipment, is he able to optimise the shipment load ?

- what kind of warranty can you get from him ?

- can you get relevant advice on milk cooling tank sourcing ?

- can you get relevant advice on which milk cooling tank to buy and why ?

- can you get relevant advice on milk cooling tank maintenance ?

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