Dairies with more than 200 BMC

2009-12-24 11:01
Sales manager

Why big dairies (more than 200 bulk milk coolers) should not subcontract bulk milk tank maintenance ?

Finance people in big dairies think that money will be better used in other places than in bulk milk cooler maintenance.

Of course :

- finding and keeping skilled refrigeration technicians is not easy,

- adding more people to the payroll is not always welcomed by the board.

But by having these people in house :

- the hourly cost should be lower than using subcontracted people,

- there is no incentive for the technician to use additional spare parts and incentive to use the right ones,

- dedicated to milk cooling and not air conditioning,

- in-house knowledge gain about what is good and not good with BMC brands and models, this also helps do better future BMC investment,

- productivity gains in maintenance will be for the dairy not the subcontractor,

- control of the investments that were made in BMC by having your own people making sure BMC stay in good shape and trying to increase the BMC life cycle,

- give different (from milk truck driver) feed back concerning collection point status,

- moving BMC from one place to another is easier to organise,

- when you resell the BMC, buyers will have more trust in them because in-house people maintained them all time long,

- you can keep these technicians busy (doing technical work) all time by having them refurbishing second hand BMC when thay are not doing maintenance on field.

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