Second hand milk cooling tanks : is it worth it ?

2007-09-12 05:09
Sales manager

Second hand milk cooling tank : is it worth it ?

This is often one of the first questions that comes to new buyers mind. We would like here to give some facts for an affirmative answer.

Quality :

- Second hand French tanks we sell are 20 to 30 year old. Those tanks have been built according to the very demanding French norms. Actual European norms are a compromise of all the European countries and not as demanding as the French ones were.
- You may know that France produces a lot of raw milk cheese, so a very high quality is required at every point of the milk chain.

Maintenance :

- As French dairies owned the tanks and maintained them, great pressure was put on tanks manufacturers to have reliable material. This is much more difficult for the single farmer to go and see the manufacturer than for those big dairies.
- As our family has been working with tanks since 1957, we know what can go wrong with the tanks we sell and how to fix it quickly and cost efficiently. With new tanks there is a learning curve ...
- By refurbishing the tanks in your country, you can use locally available components. You can even standardise them so that your spare parts stock stays low and maintenance easier.
- You keep your maintenance people busy all time. When they are not on field, they can refurbish tanks.

Availability and product range :

- In those high demand times worldwide, pressure is big on milk cooling tanks manufacturers and lead time are getting longer and longer. We have 900 tanks in stock at our place and an availability of around 4000 pieces.
- You are looking for a specific size and/or type of tank : we have it ! You are not stuck with a small product range.

Stainless steel price :

- Our prices don't fluctuate with the same pattern as stainless steel does.

Resale value :

- As milk production ramps up, bigger tanks are needed quicker. A milk cooling tank should therefore not be considered as a disposable item but as an investment good. Too many people forget about that. The tanks we sell have already proven their value and continue to last.
We started this business 15 years ago. We first sold to Spain and Poland. Today we are buying those tanks back from our customers and selling them bigger ones.
- Tank manufacturers have to adapt to local market economic constraints, coupled with often less demanding norms (when any ...). The brands we sell are well known brands worldwide and we only take the tanks originating from their best manufacturing plants.
- Our products will have a resale value.

Counsel :

Being a family business (with the third generation in dairy world) selling second hand bulk milk coolers worldwide :
- We have learned a lot on how to run tanks efficiently under all sort of conditions. We share our know-how with our customers.
- We have a long term view and are in this business to last by doing one thing and doing it right. You can come back in five years time, the same people will still be around.
- We develop smart new products like quick collection clamps and pre-coolers.

For sure, you will be able to find "cheaper than second hand" new tanks. But ask yourself two questions : how come ? do I get a better value for the money ? If you still want to go for it, please do, we will still be there when you need us.

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