Entreprise Charriau

Although created in April 2000 by Jacques and Yves Charriau, Charriau is the continuity of the company founded by their father, Joseph Charriau in 1963.

The company of Joseph Charriau started selling and installing diverse milk cooling tanks brands like Zero, then from 1968 Japy.

In the early 1990s, Joseph Charriau developed an activity with used bulk milk coolers and also brand new products related to milk cooling tanks. He introduced the first truly functionnal quick connector for milk collection. He then sold more than 5000 pieces and they are still in use nowadays. Joseph Charriau retired in 1996.
milk cooling tank

Under the new company created by and Yves Jacques, developed a new connector which has been released early 2002. Then came a tubular pre-cooler whose final version appeared in autumn 2009.

In late 2007, Charriau joins Patrice Poingt to create TPS3, the spare parts specialist for milk cooling tank.