Farm milk collection system

raccord de collecte


The quick self-cleaning collection clamp industrialises the weakest link in the dairy chain by standardising the milk collection process, a part of milk haulage, for a better repeatability, quality and cost control.

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Reduce operating time required on farm (getting a quick return on investment)

1) quick connection and de-connection in eight seconds (instead of unscrewing and screwing) reducing time needed by the operato

2) no need for the operator to manipulate the tank cleaning pipe (or the cap)

3) no need for the operator to wash his hands (milk spillage when unscrewing and screwing)

Improve other related collection costs

1) allows CIP system maintenance even if the tank is full of milk

2) milk gain as no milk is left when emptying by the bottom of the tank compared to emptying by the top

3) gas gain as the truck stays idle on farm less time. Idle truck engine use an average of 12 litres gas per hour

4) the Charriau's system fits on any kind of milk cooling tank outlet

Better food safety (reduce milk contamination risks)

1) self-cleaning (interior and exterior) for closed tank or self rinsing (interior and exterior) for open tanks

2) no impurity can be transferred during connection

Easier job for the milk haulier (keep the people on the job)

1) always the same connection in all farms. No more need to have the adequate key in the pocket/hand

2) collection tube is easier to carry when using the handle (better grip and free rotation movement)

3) less physical efforts required from the operator (bending/kneeling)

4) operator does not get his hand's dirty any more


A video demonstration for closed tanks (video format is WMV), milk collection by the bottom of a closed milk cooling tank, Charriau's method, broken english subtitles.

A video demonstration for open tanks  (video format is WMV), milk collection by the bottom of an open milk cooling tank, Charriau's method.

A video demonstration for unloading trucks at the dairy plant  (video format is WMV), truck unloading at the dairy plant, Charriau's method.

Self cleaning quick coupling presentation Pdf to download.

More details about milk collection on our forum.


Longer version videos :