Milk transportation tankers

Insulated milk transportation tanks from 500 to 4000 liters

 citerne de transport de lait



“MilkTransfer” tanks are specially insulated stainless steel tanks ensuring safe milk transportation. They guarantee stable temperature for long time periods, are easily installed on vehicles of varying types and allow multiple shipments from different producers.

All types of "MilkTransfer” tankers have a double – AISI304 – stainless steel wall with high quality, environ- mentally friendly, polyurethane foam insulation to keep milk cold during transport (8-12 hours) without the use of cooling units.

The quality and treatment of the metal construction and its washing system prevent the entrapment of even the minutest milk quantity, therefore avoiding the development of bacteria and the deterioration of the transported milk.


One or more compartments - partitioning of the interior in one or more compartments contributes to road safety by reducing the risk of abrupt weight shifts and allows sequential and separate collection of milk amounts from different sources. Each compartment has its own separate milk outlet valve.Washing system -integrated system with water circuit and spray ball for perfect cleanliness and disinfection of the tank after each use.

Elliptical cross section - oval shaped tank for low centre of gravity. Robustness and endurance to strain due to transportation.


citerne transport 


Maximal capacity


Width A


Lenght B




  TT 500E 540 990 1250 970
  TT 750E 810 990 1830 970
  TT 1000E 1080 1320 1250 1240
  TT 1000E-2 1080 990 2400 970
  TT 1500E 1580 1320 1830 1240
  TT 1500E-2 1580 990 3550 970
  TT 2000E-2 2030 1320 2400 1240
  TT 2500E-2  2577 1320 2980 1240
  TT 3000E-2 3260 1320 3550 1240
  TT 3000E-3 3260 1320 3750 1240
  TT 4000E-3 4060 1320 4700 1240



CONSTRUCTION : Stainless steel 18/10, DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304).

TANK TYPE : Horizontal type cylindrical tank, free standing, smooth inner sides, rounded angles, perfe tly polished welding, adjustable legs for uneven floors. Direct expansion bottom designed to ensure total drain of tank. The design of evaporator plates prevents milk freezing even at low milk volumes. Crash test at 60 BAR. Function pressure : 30 BAR. Fine insulation with precisely controlled infusion of high – density environment friendly polyurethane foam.

Complete agitation system agitation motor Sirem IP55 131 W 25 rpm three phase, one-piece agitation paddle without joints for IC 1000 lt – IC 2500,agitation motor Sirem IP55 145 W 21-25 rpm three phase, one-piece agitation paddle without joints for IC IC 3000 – IC 6000,two complete agitation systems 2 agitation motors Sirem IP55 145 W 21-25 rpm three phase, one-piece agitation paddles without joints for IC 8000 – IC 14000.

Elevated stirring motors for easy cleaning. Milk outlet and milk cooling tank evaporator plate inclination according to the international standards (ISO 5708). Stainless steel dipstick and standard calibration chart. Stainless Steel Butterfly valve DN50 (for IC 1000 LT – 6000LT), Ø52 mm and steel butterfly valve DN80 (for IC 8000LT – 14000LT), Ø85 mm with one end nut, other threaded (male part), PVC cap and stainless steel chain for all models up to IC 6000LT. Manhole Ø400 mm for IC 1000lt-3000 lt, manhole Ø500 mm for IC 4000lt-14000 lt. Stainless steel ladder for all models from IC 2000LT and above. Washing system tube Ø25 mm with stainless steel rotated washing spay dish for a perfect washing at all points internally of tank. No spray ball which is blocked from the water salts after some period of use. SS external pressure equalizer (ventilation cap).

CONDENSING UNIT : Close type condensing unit compressor (L’Unité Hermétique, Maneurop, Copeland Scroll) coolant type R404A. Solenoid valve, voltage and phase (L1-L2-L3) controller for the protection of tank electrical circuits against voltage fluctuations, high pressure and low pressure switches, high pressure switch for the second fan regulation on the refrigerating circuit, coolant receiver and sight glass are included for the protection and high performance of condensing unit.

INSULATION TYPE : INTERVOL RFN-24. Two components polyurethane rigid foam system. Blowing agent used is HCFC-141b (CFC – free system). Density : 40kg/m³ (DIN53420). Compressive strength : 20 kPa (DIN53421). Thermal conductivity, 24°C : 0,023 W/m.°K (DIN18164).

DIPSTICK : High precision stainless steel dipstick (AISI 304) for easy and direct volume reading in mm. Standard calibration chart (Litre).

Our company, in its constant effort to improve its products, retains the right of positive alterations regarding the specifications. Our milk cooling tanks are made according to E.U. guide 98/37 for machines safety, stamp with CE and are harmonious based on international standards EN 292-1, EN 292-2, EN 294, EN 349, EN 418, EN 1672-1, EN 60204.

Furthermore, we would like to invite you at our company plant so as you to become acquainted with our technological – mechanical equipment as well as our milk cooling tanks high quality that guarantees
functionality, milk quality and durability over extensive periods of use.


Options available :


  • S/S MILK PUMP THREEPHASE 400V/50Hz - 0.75 kW - 10 m³/h WITH INLET D.40 AND OUTLET D.25 WITH DN40

  • S/S MILK PUMP MONOPHASE 230V/50Hz - 0.75 kW - 10 m³/h WITH INLET D.40 AND OUTLET D.25 WITH DN40
  • S/S MILK PUMP 12V - 0,37 kW - 2,6 m³/h WITH INLET AND OUTLET 1"1/4,

  • Individual milk measuring calibrated dip stick provided with milk reading chart, accuracy : ± 5%
  • Adaptor DN50 to SMS 51 or different type/size of thread