CHARRIAU TES (spiral tubular milk pre-cooler) : presentation

2011-10-06 15:13
Sales manager

Tube Echangeur Spiralé-High Performance (patented)

At last an efficient  spiral milk pre cooler is available. Ratio is 1,5 litre of water for 1 litre of milk and Δt° (water in-milk out) is 7°C.
It is also durable with the external polyethylene tube.

TES-HP advantages :

- very high exchange time to compensate thermal inertia

- works with low water flow rate 0,34 l/s (20 l/mn – 1200 l/h).

- can be twined easily for 2, even 4 sets in parallel in order to get maximal efficiency

- instant self regulation of water flow rate in the exchanger

- quick water renewal in the exchanger

- optimised design that allows easy installation




Water flow control module




Another exemple

TES-HP's technical caracteristics :

- Stainless steel (milk grade) for interior tube

- Polyethylene 100 external tube (long life), food grade polyethylene, anti rodent, anti UV treated, 8-10 bars service pressure, stress pressure, weldable

- is not a flexible as TEM-Class when adapting to the farm milk flow rate,
- is also less efficient in terms of Δt° (water in-milk out) than the TEM-Class (straigth modulable tubular exchanger) but better than plate coolers,
but total installation cost is lower ...


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