Text and legislation concerning milk collection

2007-06-12 07:41
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U.S. Food and Drug Administration : milk sampling and hauling procedures.

State of Michigan (USA) : the bulk milk hauler training manual. A training manual designed to provide the necessary background education for an individual to pass the Bulk Milk Hauler exam and become licensed and a bulk milk hauler/sampler.

State of Kansas (USA) : milk Hauler licensing study manual.

State of British Colombia (Canada) :  tank milk receiver manual.

State of Nova Scotia (Canada) :  transportation of milk regulations.

State of Ontario (Canada) : reference manual for bulk milk garders from dairy farmers of Ontario.

Australia :  code of practice for collection of milk from dairy farms.

South Africa : conditions for the transportation of milk in bulk.

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- Journal of dairy science 87:3099-3104 A Review of International Standards and the Scientific Literature on Farm Milk Bulk-Tank Sampling Protocols (april 2004)

Extract : Another incentive for reexamining the current protocol was economic: the DFO, which represents 6000 dairy farmers (DFO, 2002), estimates that reducing agitation time from 5 to 2 min would save about US $1.2 million per year in Ontario due to more efficient use of both trucks and truck drivers (D. Nolan, Transportation Manager, DFO, personal communication, 2002).

Same thinking applies for Charriau's quick connection clamp !

- From Australia : milk vats present a falling risk that is unique to dairy farms.