Thermodynamic water heater

Adequate cleaning of a milk cooling tank (and milking equipment) should normally be done with a hot detergent solution. At the farm, it is not always easy to have hot water and having it results in energy expenditure whose cost is increasing. However, the heat extracted from the milk is discharged in vain into the air by the condenser of the refrigeration unit.

Some might think that if one places a heat exchanger on the pipe from the compressor to the condenser and in which circulates the hot vapors of the refrigerant, it is possible to partially recover the heat. The current collectors are made of calories exchanger a refrigerant heat - more or less complex water. The simplest type is a coil immersed in a container of water in which circulates the hot refrigerant. The vapors of the latter reach at least 80 ° C. Upon arrival of the milk of the first milking in the direct expansion tank, the refrigeration unit is turned on. The condensation temperature of the refrigerant becomes rapidly higher than that of the water contained in the exchanger.

After a certain operating time (20-30 minutes) the two temperatures are equalized and then reversed. Indeed, the recovery system water is heated and the condensation temperature decreased along a curve approximately follows that of the milk temperature. Heat recovery is then much weaker and the water temperature stabilizes quickly. Ultimately, the recovery is about 30% of the total amount of heat is produced, which represents approximately 45% of the milk. In subsequent milkings the amount of recovered heat is even lower because the condensation temperature is lower because the hot ugly mixture temperature cooled milk + is lower than the first draft.

Thus, CHARRIAU does not recommend to use heat recovery system for milk cooling tanks. It is not efficient enough and also increase "bad luck" risks for the gas circuit of the refrigeration unit of the milk cooler.

Hot water to cover all the needs of the house through the calories in the air, this is the performance offered by today Tanéo water heater with its integrated heat pump.

This technology applies the principle of thermodynamics, using air as an energy source and ensures 75% of free energy.

Confort of use


With its automatic defrost function, our system can use outside air to a temperature of -5 ° C. Tanéo can also be installed in the garage, basement, laundry and lingerie using ambient air.


Easy hot water


Our system is easily installed. It requires no more maintenance than a conventional water heater and requires no specific setting.


Safety plus


An automated anti legionella system eliminates any risk of microbial development.
The condenser outside of the vessel avoids any risk of contact of the coolant with the hot water.




Our system with its COP of 4, guarantees maximum efficiency of your energy consumption.
It also remains silent in all circumstances: 39 dB



The compressor compresses the fluid in its liquid state and increases its temperature to move it to a gaseous state. The gas passing through the condenser releases its heat and heats the water contained in the tank.


Expansion valve:

The expansion valve releasing the pressure allows full return of the fluid from the gaseous state in the liquid state



The fluid takes the heat from the outside air passing through the evaporator.



An electric fan increases the airflow in the evaporator to ensure the process






Main technical characteristics:

1. Volume of the water heater: 285 liters

2. Dimensions: diameter: 660 mm height: 1837 mm

3. T ° of heated water: 55 ° C

Chauffe-eau thermodynamique
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