Tubular milk pre-cooler

tubular milk pre cooling

CHARRIAU created a new tubular cross flow milk heat exchanger TEM whose one of the applications is the pre-cooling of milk on the farm. This new system is made of stainless steel tubes (AISI 304) with a length of 2,5, 3,5 or 6,5 m adapted to the parlour size, in standard dimensions. This type of assembly requires little height, which avoids to modify the structure of the room. Moreover its modularity can adapt the overall length of the exchanger depending on the milk flow of each farm and obtain the best ratio performance/costs.


Thanks to its design, the flexible exchanger tube offers a great flexibility of adaptation and assembly. Delivered in kit, it is easy to install by technicians specialised in milking equipment.

On a sanitary level, visits and controls of the equipments can be made whenever it is required. The connexions respect the sanitary standards recommended by competent organizations such as EHEDG ASEPT SAS for Europe and 3A sanitary standards for the USA. The milk precooler is located in the milk line between the milking machine and the milk cooling tank so the cleaning is made by the washing system of the milking machine and its drainage is automatic (thanks to the gravity). The simple design of the exchange tube, brings in the long run the best economic solution.

Using the exchange tube for the milk pre-cooling allows to :

- improve the milk quality on a bacteriological level by stabilizing milk immediately. The raw material of milk is preserved, because deteriorations are minimized with major reductions in the lipolysis, thermal shocks, damping caused by the wall of the milk cooling tank. It makes it possible to preserve or to find SAVOUR - FLAVOUR - TEXTURE in cheeses with raw milk. It is a way to respond to the demands of informed consumers.

- obtain a tepid source of water. The adduction water used with the pre-cooling (that is to say between 1,7 litre and 2,5 litres per litre of pre-cooled milk) is directed automatically and stored for the watering of cows or to other use; during winter time, this water gains several degrees and is extremely appreciated by the animals.

- make important energy savings, the electricity consumption of the milk cooling tank is reduced at least by 50%. Moreover, being less used, the longevity of the tank will be increased.

Charriau has also developed a spiral milk pre cooler TES suited for smaller installation / robotic milking systems. Sizing is less flexible, performance is good (not as good as straight tubular) but total installation cost is lower.


spiral milk pre cooler


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