200 litres : 281 077

300 litres : 292 045

500 litres : 121 750 (souple M1)


Enamelled tanks and heating elements in compliance with hygiene standards

Accuracy and reliability over time of the electronic thermostat

Heating indicator
Anti dry-heating: No heating if the appliance is not filled with water.

7 capacities from 50 to 300 litres and 3 diameters (505, 570 and 575 mm) adapted to each need

Supplied with 3/4» rotating dielectric fitting

Agro kit as an accessory: high temperature sensor and forced current ACI transformer for a 100 to 300 litre water heater (except HM) for agricultural or industrial use.

The water heater is guaranteed for 5 years on the tank and parts.

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The connection of the network to the hot water outlet must be made using a dielectric fitting or a cast iron sleeve. (Brass connections are prohibited at this level DTU 60.5).

It is compulsory to install a safety unit on the cold water inlet (NF C15-100 ch559-3).

It is compulsory to install a thermostatic mixing valve at the head of the hot water distribution network or at the tap points (order of 15/12/06).

Requires annual maintenance of the tank and the anode.

If the network pressure exceeds 5 bars, a pressure reducer must be installed at the general distribution outlet.

If composite material piping is used (PER, PVC, etc.) it is imperative to install a temperature limiter at the water heater outlet, adjusted according to the performance of the material used.

Never install a valve or non-return valve between the valve and the safety group and the tank.

Source : Guide pro Thermor 2019